Is Rediffmail Safer than Gmail? Everything You Need to Know 

Summary:- Are you the one who is searching for; Is Rediffmail safer than Gmail? Then, you are on the right platform. Undoubtedly, both email clients have their uniqueness however, there are still some drawbacks. Therefore, in this article, we’ll thoroughly discuss these webmails. And, this discussion aims to find the best and more convenient email services for the users. Besides this, we will also nurture the user query to understand the users better. Now, read the content and make the right decision while choosing the webmail from any of these. 

User Query:- Hey! I’m a novice user of Rediffmail. In brief, I want to know if is Rediffmail safer than Gmail. Besides this, I have another question: what is the storage limit provided by both webmail? Although I have searched many times yet haven’t gotten clarity on the same. Therefore, please provide me with the relevant information related to Rediffmail and Gmail so that I can choose the better services. Thank you in advance for nurturing my problems. 

There is no doubt that web-based email services have expanded the network of connectivity and eased the problems of business professionals. Moreover, these webmail effectively help professionals to share and build communication through data transmission such as documents, attachments, images, and so on. In this article, we’ll mainly talk about the two web-based email services namely Rediffmail and Gmail. Further, we aim to find out if is Rediffmail better than Gmail. Therefore, you need to stick with this content until the end. Before, walking through the comparison of these email services, let’s first understand Rediffmail in brief.

Understanding of Know the Significance was among the first Indian-incepted mainstream media companies launched in 1996. Initially, the company launched products such as Rediffmail and Rediff Shopping. If we talk about Rediffmail; it is one of the popular and well-recognized Indian webmail services, offering both free and paid versions for creating email accounts. Moreover, it is a convenient web-based email service, therefore, you can access the emails using any web browser on your mobile devices, computers, and so on.  

If you want to know the answer, is Rediffmail safer than Gmail? So, you need to understand the features of both email services in brief. Apart from this, Rediffmail is known among businesses, professionals, individuals, organizations, etc., for its simple and easy-to-configure features. Now, let’s quickly learn the steps to log in to 

How to Login to Rediffmail Email Services on Desktop?

  • Use any web browser for example- Google Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge, etc. 
  • Now, search the Rediffmail website in the search query 
  • After following these steps, click on the official website of
  • In the interface of the website, you can see the Sign In icon and click on the button 
  • Now, generate your email address and password along with sharing the relevant information on the portal
  • Hence, after using these few steps, you begin the use of Rediffmail via using any device. 

(Note:- Now, you know the login steps of Rediffmail. Besides this, you can Move Rediffmail to Gmail Account easily.)

Hence, you might understand the significance of using Rediffmail along with how to configure Rediffmail on your devices. Now, let’s move forward to know Rediffmail better than Gmail. In the upcoming discussion of the article. Also, run the Rediffmail application using the above-mentioned steps. 

Is Rediffmail safer than Gmail? Know the Differences and It’s Feature 

In the above section, we’ve briefly talked about Rediffmail in detail. Here, before comparing both email services, let’s first understand the relevance of using Gmail. It is no surprise that many of you are familiar with Gmail as it is known as a free email service. Regardless of other Google products, Gmail is well-recognized for its simple and convenient interface. 

Like other webmails, it simply allows users to send and receive emails along with providing the privilege to use storage up to 15 GB. Moreover, it is among the most popular email services additionally, it is liked by individuals and professionals to build communication with like-minded professionals. Most interestingly, with the login of your Gmail account, you can easily gain access to different Google products including Google creation apps namely Docs, Spreadsheet, and Slides. 

Now, let’s find out the answer: is Rediffmail better than Gmail quickly? Reading the points below, you can easily understand the comparison between Rediffmail and Gmail.

Rediffmail and Gmail – Which is Better Webmail? 

1. Alert Notification and Real-time Update It doesn’t update users with any Rediffmail new trends. Gmail always updates its users with recent updates and provides real-time notifications. 
2. Use Collaboration Tools It doesn’t provide any kind of collaboration tools. Therefore, users can only use email services. It allows users to use amazing collaborative tools such as Google Meet, Chats, Calendar, Docs, Slides, Spreadsheet, and so on
3. Create Email Templates It doesn’t provide customization in the email templates. Since Gmail understands the use of emails varies from one subject to another. Therefore, it allows users to create email templates and share the information. 
4. Option of Email Tracking It can’t track the performance of emails. Gmail effectively provides the privilege for users to track the status of their emails. And, use it as email marketing to grow their business. 
5. Use Third-Party Integration There are no add-ons.You can use third-party integration or add-on apps on Gmail such as Calendly, Zapier, and so on.
6. Storage Limit There is only a 200 MB limit in the free version of Rediffmail. The storage limit provided by Gmail is up to 15 GB. 

There is no doubt that after reading the above point you might get your answer: is Rediffmail safer than Gmail? The answer would be negative. Undoubtedly, Rediffmail is one of the convenient email services however, Gmail offers more unique features for its users to ease their day-to-day problems. Besides this, even in the free version of Gmail, you can avail of various services such as configuring IMAP and POP3 accounts, sufficient storage, simple to set up, spam filtering, blocking spam accounts, contact management, and more. 

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The Bottom Line 

In this article, we have mainly discussed whether is Rediffmail safer than Gmail. And, with the aforementioned points, you get the answer that Gmail is among the simplest and most convenient webmail as it is quick to set up and doesn’t retain any kind of complexities for the users. Therefore, if you’re a tech-savvy or novice user, you can configure the account in no time. Although Rediffmail has its own set of features when it comes to comparing both email services. Then, Gmail is the right choice for professionals to build flawless and quick networks with like-minded individuals. 

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