Tips to Make Moving with Kids a Good Experience for All in the Family

Home shifting is a stressful event even for adults so just imagine how it would affect your children. You will have to see the move from your children’s perspective if you want to make it successful for your family. Relocation can be both physically and mentally overwhelming. And when you break the news to your kids, this may add an extra layer of stress and anxiety. They may behave unpredictably or may not react at all. Either way, moving with kids can be made easier by considering a few important steps.

How Does Moving Affect Children?

What haunts a child during home shifting is the thought of familiarizing themselves with the new space and leaving their friends behind. They may not be able to accept the truth that they have to leave behind the house where they used to live, the park where they go every evening to play with friends, and the neighborhood where their friends reside. They may be sad about the decrease in proximity to their friends and also school. Additionally, if it’s an intercity or interstate move, then they will be scared to lose their classmates and teachers.

Just keep in mind that this upheaval can be more challenging for children than adults. Hence, take your child’s concerns seriously. They may be trivial for you but a big concern for your children. Take it from their perspective and plan accordingly. Here are some tips to make moving with kids a good experience for all your family members. Just follow them and let your children enjoy the move.

Tips to Make Moving with Kids Easier

Here are the top tips to plan your move with kids and make it a good experience for all in the family:

Be honest and explain why you are moving

Children may not accept the fact that they are relocating to a new place. You will have to be very honest with them. Let them face the truth. Explain to them why you are moving. Let them know the importance of moving or give the reasons for relocation. If you do not hide anything from your children they will help you in the process.

Involve your kids in the moving process

Involving your kids in the moving process will them cope with the move. They will not feel left out in the most important decisions making during the move. When you will involve them they will feel like an important part of the team effort. While making your moving checklist or to-do list, include a few tasks for your children as well. Describe their tasks and make the process an adventure for your children. Instead of worrying about the big change, your kids will enjoy the process and actively participate in the process. Even the smallest task done by your kids will make a difference for them. For your younger kids, you can ask them to gather their toys, books, and other items in one place.

Take your kids to the new home or neighborhood

If your children are toddlers, then take them on a tour of the new home or neighborhood. Visiting the place will excite them for relocation. Let them know what are the best parts of the place and what will you do when you move there. For ex- you can visit a nearby park to excite them, or an ice cream parlor where you will go after dinner every night, or show them their new school. All these will help them imagine their new life with new friends. Have a tour of the new home and show the new bedroom of your children. If the home has anything special like a spacious backyard or balcony, show them that part as well.

Be open to your kid’s perspective

Your children are processing, hence, they might have a few doubts and concerns in mind that they want to clear with you. You should always be there to answer their queries. No matter how busy you are with the process of packing or hiring packers and movers Bangalore to Mumbai services, it’s important to assuage your children’s worries.

Minimize change to your daily routine for your children

We can understand that it’s not possible to maintain your daily routine when you are fully involved in the packing and moving process. But to let your kids cope with moving, you will have to stick to your daily routines. Avoid changing anything up too quickly. Follow the same routine for your children. If you used to take your children to a nearby park or your pets on a walk, then keep doing it. Otherwise, they will be stressed.

Book a babysitter on the day of the move

Moving day is extremely strenuous. You have a lot of things to look after when you are dealing with packers and movers in Bangalore or facing unexpected delays or difficulties. Handling your children while managing the entire process will become an additional challenge for you. Hence, you should get a babysitter, who will take care of your children on the moving day. But, make sure you are ready with your child’s favorite snacks, toys, books, etc. to keep them engaged during the process.

Say goodbye to your home and everyone

On the last day, you should say goodbye to your old house and also your neighbors and colleagues. You can do it in different ways. Go room by room and say goodbye to everything. Let your kids also say goodbye and discuss what you are going to miss and what not. Also, meet your neighbors, friends, and colleagues to say adieu. If you are moving with kids, follow these tips. This will help you maximize the chances of easy and smooth shifting with your kids. Always involve them in the moving process and be responsive to all their queries to make them an active part of the moving team.

Author Bio: Aditya Keshari

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