The Smart Guide to Saving Money Shopping at Macy’s

The iconic brand with its brown bag and red star logo, Macy’s, existed over a hundred and fifty years ago. Most known for its Thanksgiving Day Parade, Macy’s is home to top-quality jewelry, beauty, home decor, apparel, gifts, shoes, furniture, and much more. 

Whether online or in-store, Macy’s knows how to make its customers happy. Its popularity is due to the mega retailer’s serious savings offers, Cash Back and deals and discounts. This is the ultimate guide filled with tips and tricks to maximize your savings at Macy’s throughout the year. Let’s explore:

Make Macy’s credit card your secret saver

Once you’re a Macy’s credit card holder, you can access numerous perks and discounts at every level and more with Macy’s Star Rewards. Macy’s credit cards come in three levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Spending with your Platinum card earns you 5 points for each dollar spent. Add points to your Star Rewards and avail the points to all Macy’s purchases except gift cards, services & fees. You get free shipping and don’t need any minimum purchase with Gold and Platinum. For Silver members, you need a $25 purchase for free shipping. Even if you don’t have a Macy’s credit card, you can still start with a Bronze level membership with 1% Macy’s Cash Back with each Macy’s purchase online and in-store. 

Macy’s gift on your birthday

However old we get, a gift always makes us happy. And why just receive a gift from your loved ones? You can always gift yourself! Sign up for Macy’s emails and ensure the emails are heading to your spam folder and are allowed. All signed-up members receive a surprise gift on their birthday. The value of the gift varies with people. If you’ve purchased at least once in the last 12 months, you’re eligible and may need to visit a store to pick up your gift. 

Price adjustments post your purchase

Macy’s is known for their best prices for the highest quality items. The frequent sales and promotions make us eager to buy our favorites at the most awaited discounts. But occasionally, you may come across a purchased item at a lower price than your original purchase price. You need not kick yourself for buying too early, as Macy’s price adjustment policy takes care of this. Simply produce the original invoice and get the price difference returned to you. There is a catch, though. The price adjustment policy is valid for 10 days from the original purchase date.

Scan the clearance racks for good bargains

If you’re in the mood for deep discounts, watch out for the clearance racks. To keep its stock fresh, Macy’s moves unsold items to clearance sections and tags them with discounts even as high as 40% off on the original price. Many avid shoppers first browse through the clearance section, so take your chance to avail the best items at reasonable prices. 

Star Money Bonus Days

Star Money Bonus Days is the icing of an already delicious Star rewards program. On these special days, you get to earn Cash Back quickly. Shop and collect bonus points on your purchases, over and above, from your regular Star Money points. Every time you collect 1000 points, get $10 added to your Star Money. Redeem the points to make more happy purchases on everything at Macy’s except Macy’s gift cards, services, and fees.

One-day and semi-annual sales

Contrary to its name, the one-day sale runs for nearly two days. There is never a fixed day for various items, including outfits, accessories, technology products, and electronic gear. You can even expect savings of up to 75% on several products. The sale is available for a preview and, a day or later made available for purchases. But at times, the preview day is also the sale start day. Another day of savings happens in January and July for seasonal products. You can plan your purchases around these times of the year to get extended savings. 

Get the Macy’s Shopping App

If you’re among the ones who rely on technology for their savings, Macy’s has the perfect one for you! Turn on push notifications in app and get alerts for every price drop, upcoming sales, and promotions. Not just that, you need not run to the store executives to know your Star Money rewards and their expiry. Build your points before the big sales day and get the best out of your dollar with handy access to the points collected and expiry. 

Cash Back discounts 

You can further extend your savings with popular Cash Back sites like RebatesMe. With over 4,000 stores to indulge in Cash Back online shopping from, savings with RebatesMe is a breeze. Download and install the RebatesMe free browser extension. Once you create a free account, you will see major brands like Macy’s with alluring Cash Back offers. Go ahead and make purchases and get Cash Back added to your RebatesMe account. Another reason to sign up with RebatesMe is a welcome $10 bonus on sign-up.

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