Repair Corrupt SQL Backup File – An Introduction

Summary: This article is going to include the best methods to repair corrupt SQL backup file without any hassles for users. It’s quite crucial for users to also understand the reasons, benefits & drawbacks of these methods. Understanding the SQL Server & BAK file is  equally significant for users. Let’s quickly start without time.

SQL Server is one of the fastest growing RDBMS in the world. Microsoft is also focusing on making all its features better than before. However, corruption is something that we can’t always avoid.

To counter the corruption issues, SQL users always make sure to have a backup file also known as .bak file. But what if this backup file also gets corrupted? Let’s start with the reasons.

Critical Reasons to Repair Corrupt SQL .bak File in Server

There are critical reasons present due to which users need to repair their damaged BAK files. Understanding these reasons can help us get the best in class solution without any hassles.

Abrupt Shutdown: The SQL Server database is prone to corruption issues.There are chances that it might get shutdown abruptly. Also, a sudden power outage can result in the same manner. Make sure that the SQL Server is always equipped with a dual power source.

Virus or Malware: There can be viruses or malware attacks in the SQL server. These attacks can corrupt the regular MDF as well as the BAK file of the server as well. Make sure to have necessary arrangements to counter such viruses in advance.

Upgrading SQL Server: Upgrading to SQL Server database is what users need the most nowadays. However, while upgrading, it’s not possible that the current properties match the properties of the upgraded version. Thus, it might not work.

Technical Error: Apart from the above discussed versions, there are chances of several other technical errors. These errors can occur naturally as well due to any human mistake as well. All that we can do here is maintain our SQL Server & be ready with the action plan.

Most Ideal Method to Get the Expected Results

Well, there are both manual as well as automated solutions available. However, we suggest to repair corrupt SQL backup file using the automated method. This is because the manual solution is way more complex & inefficient.

But, if users are interested in the manual method, we will also explain it further in this blog. This way, we can cover all the solutions that users want to try.

This method involves SysTools SQL Backup Recovery Tool to repair SQL database without any hassles. This advanced tool is full of features that no other tool is offering. Also, it is way cheaper than all other available software in the market. Let’s understand it’s working also.

Step by Step Repair Corrupt SQL Backup File

Download & install the backup recovery software from SysTools & then follow the five simple steps without any mistakes. Although the software comes with an interactive GUI that helps in a smooth execution of the entire process, we are still mentioning the steps.

Step-1. Launch the Tool & then Click on the Open button to add the BAK file.

Step-2. Select the Scanning options & move to the next step.

Step-3. Preview the data inside the BAK file to cross verify.

Step-4. Select the Destination Location as required. 

Step-5. Click Export to repair corrupt SQL .bak file.

Finally, users need to make sure that their files are present in the designated location or not. Also check the health of these files.

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Features of the Automated Tool

The automated tool comes with several features. Let’s quickly go through these features to find out why this utility is better than others.

These features can help users make a wise decision to repair corrupt SQL backup file without losing any data.

  • Ability to repair backup files & recover them back in SQL Server.
  • There are plenty of advanced features present to customize results.
  • Capable of recovering the deleted backup data as well without errors.
  • Provides utmost security to the BAK files in the software from threats.
  • This software provides an interactive GUI to complete tasks smoothly.
  • The software exports the backup data to CSV & SQL compatible scripts.
  • Users can then easily export the backup data to live SQL Server database.
  • Compatible with Windows 11, 10, & below versions. Also, with Windows Server.
  • The software supports SQL Server 2022, 2019, 2017, 2016 etc versions till 2000.

Manual Method to Repair Corrupt SQL .bak File with SSMS

The manual method that we have is quite complex as mentioned earlier. However, users with advanced SQL knowledge can try this. But we do not recommend beginners to try this method as they might end up with data loss or other server issues.

Here, we are using the SSMS, SQL Server Management Studio method. So, Simply follow the below steps carefully.

Set the database in Emergency mode so that nobody else can make changes to it during the recovery task. Run the below command to do so. 


Once the database is set into the emergency mode, simpy run the DBCC command. The command is mentioned below:


After this, users need to simply choose the repair mode. There are three modes available for users as:

  • Repair_Allow_Data_Loss
  • Repair_Rebuild
  • Repair_Fast

None of these three commands complete the task exactly as users want. This is because, rebuild command takes 10 times longer than usual. Fast commands do not repair all the data objects. Lastly, the Allow Data Loss command possesses a risk of data loss & deletion of crucial elements.

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The Final Say

Finally we are well aware of the process to repair corrupt SQL backup file with both the solutions. Users do not need any other information in this case.

Also, we’ve mentioned the best & most affordable tool that can help them get the expected results. Now, it’s users’ choice to select either an automated solution or the manual one.

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