Memory Foam Mattress Singapore: Unveiling the Science Behind a Better Night’s Sleep

We spend so much quality time in bed but we often do not pay much attention while planning to purchase a proper mattress. Sleep will be completed only when we have a perfect mattress. There is a large variety of it but among them, the memory foam mattress is one of the best. It offers so many health benefits.

Today our topic is all about that. We will give you about the process and the fruitful benefits of such kind of mattress. Therefore stay with us to know about them.

Process of Memory Foam and Science Behind It

A memory foam mattress is designed to distribute the body weight evenly and it molds when it comes in contact with the bodily pressure. This is a unique feature and so resilient that it can return to its previous shape when the body pressure is removed. The main ingredient of this kind of mattress is polymer and here it is known as polyurethane. The memory foam consists of polyurethane and made this foam as viscoelastic. When we say elastic then it clearly means that the product or material can be stretched and it will return to its original state.

This is a special feature that can be seen in such kinds of mattresses. It contains a particular material that easily responds to the force or body pressure. It gets softens when it gets heated by the body heat. Thus it creates a contouring form and soon re-forms. Apart from that it offers another feature which is superior flexibility. It gives a soft feeling whenever anyone touches and lies on them. Other mattress material may get stiff but the memory foam mattress provides a softer feeling and evenly distributed whenever the body pressure comes in contact with it.

What Advantages Do Memory Foam Mattresses Offer?

Let us go through the fruitful benefits that the memory foam mattress offers to us. These are as follows:-

It Provides Temperature Control

Sleeping time is the most crucial part after completing your meal. We can work all day long but without a good sleep, we cannot wake up with a fresh mind. It may seriously affect our entire day and also our overall health. To get uninterrupted sleep we must choose the best mattress from a reputed manufacturer. But first, you have to choose the perfect one. That is only a memory foam mattress. The prime reason behind it is it offers a temperature control feature that no one can ever find in any other mattress material. It contains effective material that is temperature sensitive. It offers great comfort to all when the temperature of the body rises.

Offers Proper Spinal Alignment

It makes sense that you would look for a mattress that delivers the best comfort when you are looking to buy a new one. But you need to take a closer look at other elements. We want to draw attention to the sleeping arrangements. For this reason, one must look for a proper mattress that offers superior comfort and spinal support. To achieve this one must go with the memory foam mattress in Singapore. It offers a good spinal alignment that gives appropriate support to your back and promotes good health.

Memory Foam is Hypoallergenic

Have you ever heard about a mattress that is allergy-friendly? If not then you have arrived at the right place. We must be unaware of it but it is completely true that a mattress that has been used for the past few years contains more than a million dust mites which is just unbelievable. Removing such kind of harmful things is not possible for a homeowner and very soon they are caught by harmful allergy-causing substances. Therefore outside pollution or skin abnormalities are not responsible all the time for allergies. But if you shift your present mattress to a memory foam mattress then there is no such trouble you will have to face.

Relief from Pressure

After working hard throughout the day we need a better sleep to get relaxed and prepare ourselves for the upcoming challenges. For this reason, we must choose the proper mattress in Singapore and pillows that provide us with perfect sleeping time. But to save some money or lacking proper knowledge we cannot choose the right mattress. This is the main reason that when we get up from bed we feel pain and discomfort in several body parts. But if you choose a mattress that is made up of memory foam material then you will get the much desired sleep. It offers great relief from pain because it puts proper pressure on the hips and shoulder along with the spine area.


We hope the information above will help you make the right decision while purchasing a mattress. We have put together some of the advantages of such kind of mattress. Before making the final decision must go through the points and inquire about it from the trusted seller near you.

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