Instagram Algorithm – What is it and how does it work?

Nowadays, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, whose algorithm is crucial for displaying content on various elements of the application. These are mainly Home, Feed, Explore and search results. The Instagram algorithm is constantly developing, adapting to the needs of users, and understanding how it works is the key to increasing reach and interaction with published posts.

To achieve success on Instagram, it is worth understanding how the algorithm works on different sections, such as Reels, Stories and Feed. Adjusting your promotional strategy and providing valuable content in line with the algorithm’s guidelines can significantly impact our popularity and engagement in our community.

What is the Instagram Algorithm?

Many people use Instagram these days, but what is really behind this popular social media platform? Well, the key element of Instagram is its algorithm. Instagram’s algorithm is artificial intelligence that monitors users’ activity on the website and provides content tailored to their interests.

The Instagram algorithm is extremely advanced and, thanks to functions such as analysis of user interactions and behavior, allows you to adapt each person’s feed to their individual needs. This way, users have access to the content that is most interesting and engaging for them.

In the case of Instagram, the algorithm takes into account various factors, such as the number of likes, comments and shares, as well as the length of time spent on a given post. Based on this data, the algorithm determines which posts are valuable and interesting for a specific person, and presents them at the top of their feed.

It is also worth noting that the Instagram algorithm learns based on our activities on the portal. The more we interact with other users, the easier it will be for Instagram to adjust the content of our wall to meet our expectations.

So, the Instagram Algorithm is an intelligent system that analyzes users’ activities and interests, providing them with the most relevant and engaging content. Thanks to this, everyone can use Instagram in the most personalized way possible, which makes the platform more and more attractive to its users.

Principles of the Instagram Algorithm


An important aspect of Instagram’s algorithm is usage. The algorithm analyzes how long and how often we use the application to better tailor the content to our preferences. The more time we spend on Instagram, the more data the algorithm can collect, which allows us to better tailor posts to our interests.


Authenticity plays a key role in how the Instagram algorithm works. The website encourages the creation of original, authentic content that can be shared with other users. The algorithm also checks whether accounts are credible and authentic to increase engagement and improve the quality of posts displayed to users.


Instagram’s algorithm also takes into account the freshness of posts. The more fresh and up-to-date the content, the more likely it is that it will rank higher in our feed. This encourages users to post more often and follow the latest trends on the platform.


Another key element of how the algorithm works is interest. By observing our interactions with other users, Instagram assesses what content is most interesting to us. This includes analysis of likes, comments and other forms of engagement such as Instagram Reels. As a result, the algorithm more accurately matches posts to our preferences.


Engagement affects the placement of posts in our feed. If a creator has had high engagement before, their posts are more likely to rank higher. Therefore, it is worth analyzing which accounts have a greater impact on our followers and try to establish cooperation with them so that their involvement influences our activity on Instagram.

The algorithm and your content on Instagram


In order to achieve better results in the Instagram algorithm, we need to develop a good strategy. It should be remembered that the algorithm is characterized by machine learning, thanks to which it personalizes content for each user. An effective strategy should include:

  • Authenticity : Let’s present real information on our account.
  • Engagement : Recipients will respond to our posts, comments and likes, so it is worth responding to comments, liking or commenting on the posts of your followers.
  • Educational content : Let’s try to provide added value in the form of educational content, avoiding only promoting your own brand.
  • Marketing : Let’s analyze data and study trends to adapt our marketing strategy to changes.


Hashtags on Instagram are one of the key elements that can increase the reach of our posts and Reels. A well-selected list of hashtags will greatly facilitate the visibility of our content. Here are some tips on how to use hashtags:

  • Relevance : Don’t use hashtags that are unrelated to the content, but focus on using relevant and relevant keywords.
  • Instagram Reels : There is an optimization of the Reels algorithm for hashtags, which means it is worth using them in Reels too.
  • Mixing Hashtags : Let’s use different terms to gain more algorithm value and engage with different audiences.
  • Guidelines Compliance : Let’s make sure the hashtags you choose comply with Instagram’s community guidelines.

Remember that the Instagram algorithm is constantly changing, so it’s important to stay up to date with changes, adapt your strategy, and experiment with different content formats such as posts, Reels, and Stories to achieve success on this platform.

How the Instagram Algorithm Influences Your Stories


The Instagram algorithm has a significant impact on how our Stories are presented and received by other users. An important element is our  frequency  of publishing stories and  the time in which we publish them. The more often we add new stories to Instagram, the greater the chance that our account will be noticed by the algorithm and recommended to other users. Interactions like likes help the algorithm gauge our interest in other people’s posts. Moreover, it is important for  the readability  of our Stories, which are intended to be easily digestible for as wide an audience as possible.


Instagram Stories, as short-lived content, have a different meaning than classic posts and  Instagram Reels . Therefore, talking about  engagement  or time spent consuming such content can be difficult. However, basic algorithmic signals such as  likes ,  comments  and  interactions  with our Stories influence how the Instagram algorithm evaluates our accounts as creators and marketers. However, it’s important to engage with our community by LIKING and commenting on content from other creators, which can help increase engagement and draw attention to our stories.

To sum up, to make the most of the Instagram algorithm for our Stories, you should focus on the frequency of publications, interest in the content and creating interactions with other users. Considering the variety of functions that Instagram offers, it is worth being flexible and checking different formulas for reaching your audience.

Reels and the Instagram algorithm

Instagram Reels is a feature that allows users to create short videos. These videos are then promoted by the Instagram Reels algorithm, which determines the reach and popularity of that content.

Publication Frequency

Posting frequency matters to the Instagram algorithm, especially for Reels. Posting content on Reels regularly and consistently increases your chance of reaching a larger audience. The more often we publish, the greater the reach we will be able to achieve, because it will be easier for current and potential recipients to find us. That is why it is worth taking care of the regularity of publication to keep the interest in our profile at a high level.


The Instagram algorithm also values ​​shares and interactions related to our Reels. Therefore, it is worth developing content that will encourage other users to share our Reels posts, e.g. in the form of interesting, humorous or educational content. Sharing our Reels by other users on their BNF Stories or via the “Send to a friend” function not only increases the reach of our material, but also positively affects the engagement rate and our position in the algorithm.

If you use Instagram Reels for business purposes, it is worth remembering that they can be a key element in the promotion of our products or services. By making our Reels posts attractive and encouraging them to be shared, we increase the chances of acquiring new clients or colleagues.

It’s also important to follow Instagram’s guidelines. Content that violates  or has below-expected image quality may be penalized with lower reach.

Therefore, we encourage you to regularly publish valuable content in Reels and in an engaging form. Remember that the Instagram algorithm will appreciate us for our interactions, frequency of publications and shares. It is also worth paying attention to adapting our content to the required formats to optimize the chances of reach and engagement.

Understanding Instagram Analytics in the Context of the Algorithm


In this day and age where most users spend more time on Instagram, understanding the platform’s algorithm is crucial to increasing engagement and reach. The Instagram algorithm takes into account various signals, such as interactions with other profiles, commenting on posts or even who we are tagged with in photos. That’s why it’s important to track these signals with Instagram Analytics.

As social media managers, we should monitor:

  • Activity on our profile, such as the number of followers, likes, comments and shares.
  • User reactions to our content, which can range from numbers to emotions expressed in comments.
  • The types of content that generate the most interest among our audience so that we can tailor it to their preferences.


The timeliness of adding photos affects how our content is evaluated by the Instagram algorithm. In order to make the most of this aspect, you should publish posts in such a way that they are up-to-date and exposed to a greater number of interactions from users. This is because the algorithm considers recently added photos more important than those published a few days ago.

When developing a publication strategy, note that timeliness is not only about publication time, but also content and context. For example, using occasional hashtags and posting related to current events can increase our chance of appearing in the Explore section.

To sum up, mastering Instagram Analytics and the context of the algorithm allows us to effectively manage content and increase the engagement of our followers. Delving into the world of data tracking and timeliness analysis will be our guide to success on this competitive social media platform.

Instagram algorithm – Summary

When thinking about the Instagram algorithm, it is worth understanding how it works and how it affects the display of content. Instagram tracks our interactions with other accounts to find the most engaged relationships. It strives to present users with content that is interesting to them, which is why the value on this platform is the activity of both us and our followers.

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