How to Read PST File Without Outlook? – Technical Guide 

Dambolen | Summary: There are several users who are searching to read PST files without Outlook. But, because of some technical reasons they can’t open, view, read the PST file. So, today this complete blog is all about the same! 

The PST file to store the data such as contacts, events, calendars, & email messages. The PST file format is sometimes known as personal folder, offline folder, or offline storage table when used as a cache in Outlook exchange mode. It allows users to access server mailboxes and generate local archives of the email folders they had on server based email clients.

Can’t read PST files without Outlook? Not to worry! In this article you can easily view & read PST files without facing any trouble. Now, below we will discuss some common reasons to solve this issue of reading PST files.  

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Reasons Behind to Open & View PST File Without Outlook

There are several reasons why users need to read a PST file without Outlook. Some of them are listed below: 

  • Share the PST details with someone who does not have Outlook in their system.
  • Expired subscription and they do not wish to renew it.
  • User Does not Install and set up Outlook.

Now, below we have one user query that also reads PST files without the Outlook application. Let’s check the below query! 

User Query!  

Hi, I want to open the Outlook PST file in the absence of Outlook. Since I use Thunderbird on my system as my personal mail application. The file is provided to me by one of my friends so that I can analyze a few things for completing an assignment. Can anyone suggest to me how to open an Outlook PST file without Outlook? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!”  

So, after knowing the user issues let us move towards the manual method and automated solution. 

How to Open a PST File Without Outlook Manually? 

If you want to open or read a PST file without the Outlook application using the manual method. Then, here is the easy way to perform this task manually. Using Gmail for reading PST files let us follow the below steps first.  

Method 1: Open PST File Using Gmail Account 

  • Download and Open the Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook tool.
  • Click Next, Sign in with your “Gmail ID”
  • Give Permission for Gmail to Access your Data, click to “Allow”
  • Next, Select “Outlook Profile” or “PST File”, click on “Next”
  • Select the Required Data (Emails, Contacts, Calendar) then hit to “Migrate”
  • Migration process will start, you can see Live Migration 
  • After that, Click “OK”
  • Next Migration Status Shown with success rate
  • You can see Migrated Folder in Gmail 
  • Finally, see Migrated Emails within Gmail. 

After performing the manual method, I hope you all get your answer. As we all know that manually we cannot read or open multiple PST files without Outlook. Because this method has many restrictions and users cannot finish their task on time which is not good. Not to worry! We have suggested an automated tool which is recommended by experts to make your task easy. Let’s take a look below for the same! 

Reading Multiple PST File Without Outlook Using Automated Tool

As you all see above, manually it is not possible to read or open multiple PST files without Outlook. Then, without any trouble try this MSOutlookTools PST Viewer Tool that is designed with advanced algorithms. This tool allows you multiple previews of Outlook with Contacts, Emails, Tasks, Calendars, & Journals. And, there are no file size limitations to browse Outlook PST files of any size. 

Moreover, users can easily open, view, or read PST files without Outlook in bulk without facing any technical risk. The non-technical user can easily perform this expert recommended tool without having any technical knowledge. In the below section, we have also explained the software working steps. Let’s begin for the same!  

Easy & Quick Working Steps Guide Here! 

Follow the below working steps to easily read PST files without Outlook using automated solutions. Go step-by-step to finish the task on time without facing any trouble:  

1. Install & Run the Software on your Windows Machine.

2. Browse the PST file and select the “Advance Scan” option.

3. Preview Outlook Data Items into Various preview modes.

4. Finally, Switch View Option to choose between Horizontal and Vertical Views

So, here we have done with both the manual & automated methods to view PST files without Outlook. According to my personal research I found the automated tool which is amazing. Choose as per your requirement which one is perfect. 

Observational Verdict   

In this article, we have discussed a complete process to “Read PST File without Outlook”. Here you get all the possible solutions to open, view, and read multiple PST files in a hassle-free manner. The automated tool you see is easy & quick and also a technical free solution for non voice users. It can easily read bulk PST files without the Outlook application and easily view the corrupted, damaged, or un-accessed PST files. 

On the other hand, we also have a manual method to perform this task but, manually users face many challenges to finish the task. It is a time consuming process and requires technical skills to use this method. Read the blog carefully, and select any method as per your requirement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: Can I & Open Read Corrupt PST File using this tool?

Ans 1: Yes, using this tool you can easily read corrupted or damaged PST files without Outlook using an automated tool.

Ques 2: Is it possible to Read Multiple PST files without Outlook using Tool?

Ans 2: Yes, this tool allows you to read, view, or open multiple PST files without facing any trouble. 

Ques 3: Can I read PST files in Gmail?

Ans 3: Yes, you can read the PST file in Gmail using the Google GAMMO tool. I have already mentioned the manual steps to process it. 

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