How can I Recover Deleted PST Files in Outlook?

It’s a troublesome task to recover deleted PST files in Outlook if you deleted your PST file by mistake or any cause and you need help to recover it. Don’t worry you have reached the right place to get the solution.

In this post, you will learn to recover deleted PST files in Outlook using a manual method and a professional method. In the professional procedure, we are going to use the MSOutlookTools PST Recovery application.

Here you will see how you can use those methods and what are their pros and cons. Before we start from there let’s begin with the issues that make your PST file corrupt and cause deletion of your PST file.

Causes of PST File Corruption

Many mishaps can occur that can corrupt your PST files and cause problems for users. In this part you are going to learn about them in detail then we will start guiding you to solve those problems.

Problems that Cause PST File Corruption 

  • PST files have a size limit that depends on the version of Outlook and the file format. When a PST file approaches or exceeds this limit, it becomes more prone to corruption.
  • If Outlook or your computer crashes or shuts down unexpectedly while using the PST file, it may cause corruption. The file may not be closed properly and data may be lost or corrupted. 
  • Storing PST files on a network drive or using them in a multi-user environment can be risky. Network outages, slow connections, or file conflicts can cause PST file corruption. 
  • If the hard drive of the system where the PST file resides has bad sectors or other hardware problems, it can cause data corruption. 
  • Sometimes software errors and glitches in Outlook can cause PST file corruption.
  • Viruses or malware can infect your computer and potentially target PST files, causing data corruption or loss. 
  • Some third-party Outlook add-ins may not be compatible with your version of Outlook or other installed software, leading to conflicts and possible PST file corruption.

There are more complications than these issues in Outlook but it is an excellent application generally, a very stable email program for managing all your email needs. It offers great features like a search directory, email templates and rules to automate your workflow.

In the next paragraph, you are going to learn the manual method to restore Outlook PST files. We will guide you and show you step-by-step procedures so you can easily fix your PST files. Let’s start without wasting more time.

How to Recover Deleted PST Files in Outlook Manually?

Normally Outlook provides you with features to fix your PST files and it works sometimes but not always. Later you will know the reasons for it. First, let me guide you on how you can recover deleted PST Outlook PST files.

  • Open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Users\SARA.  
  • Right-click the Documents folder and select  Restore Previous Version from the menu.
  • In the Previous Version dialogue box, select the version of the folder with the date and time before deleting the file.  
  • Select the Copy button. Select the desktop as the copy location and click  Copy again. 
  • Go to the desktop, open the copied folder and find the deleted file in the Outlook Files folder
  • Once the files are there, move them from the copied folder to the desktop. You can then delete the previous version copied to the folder.  
  • Move the files saved on the desktop to the original folder

This process seems easy but it’s not and it does not guarantee that your PST files will open every time it deletes your data. It could be your important emails too. These methods have many limitations. In this part, you will learn about them in detail.

What are the Limitations of the Manual Method?

There are countless limitations of manual methods here. We are going to mention a few of them below so you can easily compare their pros and cons.

  • Whenever you run the program scan .PST or try to recover your PST file it will always delete the corrupt data files and there is no way to recover or read that data
  • You have to repeat the process, again and again, to recover a large number of PST files 
  • If you have a big size file it might crash your Outlook application, again and again, 
  • There is no guarantee your files will open or not after recovering your files manually
  • You can’t recover your deleted PST files 

As you can see there are many limitations in the manual method. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Deep inside you will find many more complications. If you are looking for a safe option I have the perfect solution for you.

In the upcoming part, you will learn to recover deleted PST files in Outlook in a detailed manner. So without waiting more, let’s start.

How to Recover Deleted PST Files in Outlook Using a Professional Application

Not only can you restore Outlook PST files you can also recover deleted PST files in Outlook. If you don’t have the PST files don’t worry you can use the PST Converter application. To change the file format of any file and use it in a recovery application.

You can use those applications in many ways, which I will tell you about but first, let’s see how you can restore PST files with ease using professional methods.

  • In the first step, you need to download the software from the official site
  • Then run the program and choose the interface language
  • After that click the “Add file” button
  • Select / Browse PST / BAK files
  • browse to the desired PST file, select it and click “Open
  • Then click on Repair PST/BAK files 
  • After the process, you can select the format or place your newly restored files

NOTE: in this given method there are many options and modes when you use this application you will see those options where you get multiple file formats, preview, saving option, export selected option and many more options.

This application is the best option for you. With it, you can perform many tasks with ease and you will get many more benefits. Below you will learn about them briefly. but that application has countless major and minor beneficial features.

So I will try my best to provide you with much information to satisfy your curiosity so let’s begin the next paragraph.

Benefits of Professional Application?

Professional applications are always servers best features a user can get but the applications mentioned above have many jaw-dropping features. In this part you will learn about them so let’s move on to that.

  • This application can easily recover a deleted PST file
  • It restores PST files without size limitations 
  • You can easily split or merge PST files up to 200 GB
  • Maintains file hierarchy while restoring your files 
  • You can Convert PST to PDF, EML, HTML and many formats 

Final words

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In this blog, I have shown you all the important information about PST file recovery and its problems. Now you can easily restore PST files with ease and at high speed if you want to know more about the application.

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You can visit the official site to learn about it in more detail or you can try the demo version of the application.

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