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Essential Steps to Safe and Humane Possum Removal

Isn’t it pleasantly surprising to discover that your urban backyard can play host to a wider variety of wildlife than you imagined? But what happens when your surprise visitors become unwanted inhabitants? What if the low sound of rustling and soft squeaks, initially cute, soon discloses possums having made your attic their new abode? Now you’re certainly wondering how to remove them safely and humanely. Taking on this task certainly requires a serious undertone of responsibility and respect for the furry trespassers. This comprehensive guide will furnish you with essential steps for safe and humane possum removal.

Before launching into specifics, let me assure you – the focus of this discussion is grounded in the belief that every creature, invited or not, deserves compassion. Remember, in most parts of Australia, it’s illegal to harm possums or escort them more than 50 meters from where they’ve set up camp. Keeping that premise in mind, this guide investigates the possible fauna-friendly ways to mitigate the issue.

At the end of this dialogue, you’ll have a detailed roadmap to navigate yourself through the challenge. Let’s traverse together down this path of understanding appropriate possum eviction, when to seek professional help, measures to prevent future intrusions, and insight into pertinent legislation.

Understanding Possum Behavior

Before embarking on the journey of possum eviction, it’s important to acquaint ourselves with our nocturnal visitors. During the day, possums take refuge in tree holes or dark, tomb-like spaces, like your attic. They venture out at dusk to forage for vegetation, fruits, and occasionally insects. Being highly territorial and habitual creatures, once they find a cozy spot, they often return.

By comprehending their behavior, we stand a better chance at humane management. Your chosen actions should strive to disrupt their routine just enough to encourage them to relocate, not distress them.

Safe and Humane Possum Removal – DIY Techniques

You’ve identified your uninvited guests. Now, what? You can start with simple yet effective strategies for do-it-yourself possum removal. A popular approach is utilizing possum boxes. By setting up these artificial homes in your backyard, you can potentially redirect the possums’ place of residence. Equally important is trimming back overhanging tree branches, which may provide easy access to your attic.

Don’t forget to seal up entries to your home once the possum moves out. But care should not be taken to trap any possums inside. Any DIY techniques should prioritize the possum’s welfare and be carried out considering the relevant laws.

When to Seek Professional Help

If your attempts fail or you’re uncomfortable handling possums, it’s time to seek professional help. Licensed wildlife controllers are trained to tackle such issues without causing harm to the possums. They possess the expertise and tools to deal with your uninvited guests effectively and responsibly. It’s important to note that sometimes hiring a professional is the best course of action, not just for the safety of possums but also for your peace of mind.

Preventing Future Intrusions

Once the possums are safely removed, it’s important to take preventative measures for future intrusions. Regularly inspect your home for signs of their return or any potential new entries. Cover all entry points to your home and prune trees that provide a bridge for possums to get in. Keeping a ‘possum-friendly’ garden by planting fruit-bearing trees away from your home can also be beneficial.

Pertinent Legislation

Understanding the local legislation around possum removal is fundamental to ensuring you stay on the right side of the law. In most parts of Australia, as mentioned, it’s illegal to harm possums or remove them more than 50 meters away from their habitat. So, never take initial actions that are against the law, and always seek legal counsel if needed.

Concluding Thoughts

Navigating the path to safe and humane possum removal might seem daunting, but with the right knowledge and resources, it’s absolutely achievable. Understanding these intriguing creatures, their behaviors, and our responsibility towards them is the crucial starting point. Simultaneously, never hesitate to seek professional help when it’s warranted. Remember, it’s about cohabitating peacefully, ensuring our backyard buddies return to the wild, rather than converting our homes into their new dens. Let’s embrace compassion, respect, and legality in the quest to reclaim our space while ensuring the little intruders find a more suitable home in the wild.

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