Custom Stickers: 5 Steps To Sell Them Online Easily

You would be surprised to know that about 85 per cent of people want to start their own business at some point in their lives by making custom stickers. 

Picture this – You have always wanted to start your own business. But never got the idea of what business to run. You are motivated but cannot find the inspiration. We assure you that you are not the only one. 

Unfortunately, unlike many talented folks, you do not possess the skills of crocheting masterpieces only by using yarns. Neither can you make pots because you are too clumsy for that. And definitely, you cannot become a corporate slave, and tire yourself daily by doing a 9 to 5 job. 

What to do? Where to start?

If you are having issues deciding what business you should start. Then, sweat not, because we are here with a fun and creative idea to get cracking on! And, the answer is The Awesome Sticker Business! 

Don’t worry, you won’t be required to learn any crafty skills to start this business. Read below as we have spilt some magic ingredients on how to make stickers that sell well online. And, by the end of this blog, you will be all groomed to start your venture straightaway! 

5 Steps To Make Custom Stickers That Sell Like Hot Cakes

Step 1 – Blueprint Your Sticker Designs: 

First things first, you have to dream about your sticker design. And, then to make things clear, mould that dream to come into reality by having it drawn in an image format. There are three ways through which you can easily make your dream stickers convert into a printable format. We have briefly discussed these ways below for your assistance. 

  • Design From Scratch: You can make use of any online tool, or Adobe Illustrator to design your sticker yourself. Make sure to add details and appropriate colours to make it look funky. 
  • Use A Template: Not enough inspiration? Well, worry not, and save yourself from the headache of designing the stickers with no assistance. You can take out templates from any online custom stickers Canada stores, and sell them as your own. 
  • Hire A Designer: You have the perfect design for your stickers in mind but cannot illustrate it. We suggest you hire a fancy graphic designer to convert your thoughts into a shiny and eye-catching design. 

Step 2 – Decide On Printing Methods:

Once you have the blueprints of your desired designs, then don’t waste any time. Decide whether you want to get it printed online, or do it yourself at home. Read below as we have compared both of these options to help you decide which option is more appropriate. 

  • Printing At Home: If you have a printer at your house, or in your workplace, then you might go for this option. But trust us, it is not as smooth as it seems. First of all, printing your stickers by yourself, will not only destroy the quality of your final products, but sooner or later your printer will act up. 

And, don’t question how we are foretelling what is going to happen. If you don’t trust our insights, then try it for yourself. Once your printer lets you down, we suggest you move on to the below-given option. 

  • Printing Online: In our opinion, printing online can save you from a lot of trouble. There are no exact cons to having your designs printed online. Also, you will be guaranteed perfect quality and versatility. Moreover, you don’t have to go through the labour of printing them by yourself. 

Step 3 – Pricing Your Stickers: 

Once you get those shiny, and colourful designs printed, and in your hands, now it is time to price them accordingly. Keep in mind that it is an ongoing process, and you must revise your prices from time to time to stay competent. Below we have discussed some of the factors that must be kept in mind while you are deciding on the price. 

  • Research The Competition: Conduct market research and see what prices your competitors are offering. What makes your custom patches or stickers different from them and how can you charge more than them?
  • Consider Production Costs: The most important factor to consider while deciding on the pricing is to consider the production costs. The cost of material i.e. paper or vinyl or any other shipping or production costs must be considered prior to deciding on the price. Make sure that you charge enough to cover these costs as well as earn a profit. 
  • The Size And Quantity: If you are selling the stickers individually, then you might want to charge them comparatively more than what you would charge for a sticker pack. Moreover, larger stickers cost more as compared to medium-sized or small stickers. These factors must not be ignored. 

Step 4 – Where Will You Sell Your Custom Stickers?

Now that you have an aesthetic design printed perfectly and labelled with the right price, what could be the next possible step? Think think!

That is right! Now you have to sell your stickers online to make their way to their loving buyers everywhere. But where can we sell our artwork from? If you are asking yourself the same thing, we suggest you give the below-given information a read to know the exact venue to market your stickers. 

  • Etsy: For entrepreneurs who are dipping their toes in the e-commerce world for the first time, there is no better place to start than Etsy. This e-commerce store is relatively easy to set up. However, the marketers are provided with limited customization options to make their shop unique. The key is to have awesome product descriptions, Upload high-quality product images, and properly optimise your listings. 
  • Amazon: Amazon is a vast domain, like the tropical woods themselves. It might be difficult to get attention just as it is difficult for a seedling to get enough sunlight in those tropical woods. But once you thrive, your roots will be so deep that no power can budge you from your place. The secret recipe to succeed in this vast domain is to perform strategic SEO, ad campaigns, as well as listings to get ahead of your competition. 
  • eBay: Another great option to showcase and market your artwork is eBay. Look for stickers on this e-commerce platform and you will be bombarded with gazillion options. Instead of getting discouraged, we urge you to see it as an opportunity. All you have to do is find a unique niche and ensure first-rate customer service. 

Step 5 – Keep Making Those Stickers:

It is fine if you get discouraged at first. Do you know that 1 in every 4 entrepreneur fails before they get their deserved success? Keep this in mind and remain consistent with making them stickers. Below we have gathered a few tips to make your business one of the best sticker providers in town. 

  • Design According To Occasions: Before designing your stickers, we suggest you tap into any upcoming holidays, or any recent events, to get the attention of the enthusiasts. Even if it is not suitable for your nice, adding a few sticker packs in honour of holiday themes won’t hurt anyone, will it? 
  • Keep Up With The Quality: You have probably put in a lot of effort to make your business stand out from the crowd. Just give a little attention to the quality as well, and we assure you that you will be getting bulk orders in no time.

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Summing It All Up:

Making stickers is a fun process once you get the hang of it. And what can be better than having fun and making money out of it? So, we suggest you start with your small venture right now. We have ensured that you know everything about how to make stickers that sell well online. So, shake a leg and start designing your artwork immediately. 

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