Corporate Gift Etiquette in Singapore: Do’s and Don’ts

To Begin With

Offering presents to someone special is a nice gesture that we all maintain. But in the personal world, there are several occasions that will come when we offer presents to our dear ones. This sweet gesture can also be found in the professional or business world. But there is some etiquette that every business person has to maintain while giving or receiving corporate gifts. Every company follows some rules in this matter. Not all kinds of presents can be accepted or offered to anyone who belongs to the corporate world.

Here in this blog, we will go through some of the crucial etiquette that is widely maintained in the corporate world while receiving the best Corporate Gift. So if you are willing to know about it then must stay with us and continue reading.

Objectives of Offering Corporate Presents

Let us go through the goal of offering such kind of presents to business personnel.

  • Offering the appropriate business present will bring a smile to your client’s face.
  • It will help to strengthen the business relationship between the two companies.
  • The more you will be able to keep your clients happy and more steady the business you can generate.
  • Employee morale will build.
  • It will raise the brand awareness.

Dos and Don’ts for Corporate Gifting in Singapore

Before purchasing the wrong present it is better to acquire knowledge and then move forward. Below we have listed some of the dos and don’ts of business gifting. Let us go through them.

There Is No One Culture Suits All

When we are planning to offer gifts to someone then we naturally do not think much about it. Especially not about cultural beliefs. But when it comes to offering business presents one must keep this factor in mind. Most importantly when you are working in a multinational company where you can experience diversity in culture you must choose the best Corporate Gift very carefully.

First of all, analyze the entire situation and try to form a relation between the receivers. From there you will get to know about their choice. Are they more likely to do traditional or prefer Western things? Must research all these before purchasing the present. Go through their backgrounds minutely.

Evaluate the Gifting Policy

This is one of the crucial factors that one must keep in mind before offering a business present to their business partner or other corporate level partners or clients. Must check the gifting policies of the company. Presenting or receiving gifts can be restricted for some companies. Also there are some companies that keep a safe distance from receiving any kind of gifts to avoid unethical behavior.
Therefore if you are unsure about offering such kind of gifts then you should go through the norms of the specific company about receiving corporate presents. You can also meet the HR of that particular firm and ask about it. One thing must remember is that to form a healthy business relationship must maintain the proper etiquette of offering business presents.

Do Not Offer a Present for Promotional Purposes

In the corporate world besides the norms and corporate etiquette we must also take care about gifting rules. One must not think casually while thinking about offering corporate presents. Besides this do not ever think to give promotional gifts as business presents. This is not at all look decent and the receiver might think that it is a kind of promotional stunt or marketing tool.

This is not an actual gift. Such kinds of gifts can be presented when you are organizing an event then you can offer them as giveaways. Therefore whenever you wish to give a Door gift in Singapore then must search for it from the market. But never offer promotional gifts.

Always Make Tasteful Purchases

Whenever you are giving the best Corporate Gift always choose an appropriate and useful item. Try to incorporate a personalized touch into your corporate present if you want to establish a particular spot in your clients and employees’ minds. Your present of choice can have a company’s name and log or even a special message engraved on it.
It will subtly remind them about your business. Apart from that it will look more professional. As the employer or the head of your workplace you must take care of the likes of your workers. Include a handwritten note or a wish that you created. It will make them feel really special.

First Impressions Matter

When preparing to purchase any business present the grade is a crucial consideration. When you purchase something for yourself or a gift for someone you have obviously spent a substantial amount of money on it. But how will it feel if the quality of the material is poor? It merely demoralizes you. Additionally since you gave that thing to your loved one you will feel guilty. We would like to emphasize that point.

Low quality products will reflect poorly on your selection side if you provide them to your clients and staff or business partners. In order to ensure that the quality of each gift is maintained look for a reliable business present manufacturer. They will help you select the appropriate one that maintains proper business etiquette and enhance your impression.

To Conclude

We are pretty hopeful that after going through the entire discussion now all of you have the proper insight about this topic. Always keep the above mentioned pointers in mind whenever you are planning to offer such kind of presents to your corporate partner.

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